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Contracts cover a wide range of agreements. Whether signing for an auto loan or joining a new place of employment, you likely signed a contract. However, if a contract is broken or its terms become disputed, Stephen Heine Law P.C. can step in and assist with contract litigation. It’s the job of our legal team to assess a contract’s terms, determine its legality and enforceability, and decide whether a contract was violated or its terms breached.

What Makes a Contract?

A contract is only considered legally enforceable if it meets specific requirements. As such, for businesses or individuals looking to write up a contractual agreement, you can count on Stephen Heine Law P.C. for guidance.

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How Our Team Can Help

If any part of a contract can be left open to interpretation, does not cover an unforeseen circumstance, or is questionable as to its enforceability, you can face potential legal disputes. To have the best shot at voiding, protecting or enforcing a legal agreement, you need the help of a contract litigation attorney. Our team can provide services to evaluate, write or renegotiate the terms of a contract. Or, if a contract dispute makes it to court, we work diligently to arrive at the best possible resolution for our clients.

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Whether writing up a contract or looking to challenge the legality of an agreement, be sure you have Stephen Heine Law P.C. assist with contract litigation. To learn more about how our team can manage your case, call us today at 309-244-1393 for a case consultation. Also, we are located at 311 SW Water St, Ste 204, Peoria, IL 61602.