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Find Legal Guidance for Your Personal Injury Cases in the Midwest

Whether in a vehicle collision, the victim of medical malpractice, or harmed by a defective product, you have a right to seek compensation. And to ensure your case sees a positive outcome, you need the legal guidance of personal injury attorneys. Stephen Heine Law P.C. has the experience you need when litigating personal injury cases throughout the Midwest. We offer representation for state or federal jury trials and provide mediation services or consultation.
Steve Heine has represented defendants, their insurers and plaintiffs in personal injury/bodily injury lawsuits for more than 40 years.


Going to trial isn’t the only way Stephen Heine Law P.C. can help resolve your personal injury claim. However, to best determine the direction of your case, we will first set up an initial consultation that will help our legal team understand how the incident occurred, assess the extent of injuries, ongoing treatment, and gather necessary information to evaluate your claim and defenses.


Upon completing your consultation, we recommend the best route for progressing your case. We can assist with mediation for your case. Through mediation, disputing parties meet with a mediator to reach a satisfactory conflict resolution for both sides. Mediation is recommended if you’re looking to avoid court, you’ve reached a stalemate with the other party, or both parties can’t agree on the fault or extent of an injury.

Bringing Your Case to Court

While an out-of-court settlement is ideal for your personal injury claim, your case can sometimes progress to court. Stephen Heine Law can assist with litigation and the presentation of your case in trial in State or Federal courts.

For your trial, you can count on Stephen Heine Law P.C. to utilize all tools at our disposal. Litigation can include:

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Personal testimony
  • Police reports
  • Evidence of negligence
  • Medical records
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