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Navigating Railroads and Trucking Claims and Lawsuits Throughout the Midwest

The railroad, trucking and transportation industries must manage the complex regulations imposed by state and federal law. And for railroads and trucking throughout the Midwest, it’s essential to have the right litigation attorney on your side when facing injury claims or disputes. Stephen Heine Law P.C. has 40 years of experience litigating the unique nature of railroad and trucking cases. We’ve managed and taken to trial lawsuits and claims involving trucking accidents, railroad crossing accidents, derailments and the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA).

Trucking Accidents

A trucking accident is more complicated than your typical auto accident. While the parties involved in an auto accident are straightforward, those responsible for a trucking accident are less clear. For example, depending on the reason behind a truck accident, its fault could be placed on the truck drivers, inspectors, mechanics, parts manufacturers, dispatch centers, truck maintenance, semi bumper configuration, hours of service violations, drug and alcohol use and driver fatigue, among other issues. And no matter the side of a trial we’re on, Stephen Heine Law P.C. assists by finding expert witnesses, thoroughly investigating the accident, and implementing aggressive discovery procedures after the suit is filed.

Railroad Crossing Accidents

Railroad crossing accidents aren’t as “cut and dry” as you might think. Many factors can lead to the collision of a train with another vehicle. A railroad crossing accident can be the fault of a driver, a railroad company or conductor or engineer can be to blame. At Stephen Heine Law P.C., we can get to the bottom of any crossing accident. Some of the most common crossing accident claims we’ve helped litigate include:

  • Defective Crossing Gates or Lights
  • Failure of Train to Use Horn
  • Vehicle Driver Negligence
  • Oversized Loads Extending Out from Train
  • Train Operator Error
Railroads & Trucking

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act

The FELA gave railroad employees a way to seek compensation after an on-the-job accident. Stephen Heine has tried FELA lawsuits throughout Illinois and the Midwest.

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Railroads and trucking accidents require the guidance of an experienced litigation attorney to navigate successfully. If facing such claims yourself, be sure to talk with the team at Stephen Heine Law P.C. Call 309-244-1393 for a case consultation. Also, we are located at 311 SW Water St, Ste 204, Peoria, IL 61602.